Backfill Support - Replacing your Clinical Information System (CIS) with a new product? Need support for your legacy system so your resources can concentrate on your implementation project? Outsource your Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) support to UYS!

Outsourcing Support - UYS provides complete resource outsourcing services for Sunrise Clinical Manager. Whether a single analyst role or support for the entire system, short term or long term, UYS offers cost effective solutions.
Consulting and Implementation Support

Tired of other companies supplying consultants that lack the depth and diversity of experience required to help deliver better services and products? Looking for Consultants with clinical credentials and practical clinical experience? Our consultants are the best in the industry!

Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Suite (Sunrise Clinical Manager™, SunriseXA™, Sunrise Enterprise™)
  • Sunrise Acute Care
  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care
  • Sunrise Emergency Care
  • Sunrise Clinical Care
  • Sunrise Medication Manager (Pharmacy)
Allscripts Sunrise Subsystems
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Tracking Board (White Board)
  • Orders Reconciliation (Medication Reconciliation)
  • Sunrise Knowledge Based Charting™
  • SCM Charger
  • Report Writing (Crystal Reports / MS Reporting Services)
  • Order Sets
Extending Sunrise
  • Objects Plus/XA™
  • Arden Syntax Medical Logic Modules (MLM)